Insuring success through creative financial structures

Project Funding

88 Capital & Investments is active on a global basis targeting development opportunities with private individuals and entities as well and corporate groups to provide both venture and development capital in a variety of business sectors.

88 Capital & Investments primary business sector investments include both power and energy investment which encompasses both green energy like solar and wind as well as oil and gas exploration and extraction. Additional strong primary businesses include, medical device and pharma development, natural resource mining, large scale Agri-business and acquisition of tier one real estate assets in the leading commercial markets worldwide.

88 Capital & Investments has tremendous flexibility in its financial investment structure offering its development partners a broad base of options as it relates to both debt and equity funding of ventures and projects globally.

88 Capital & Investments Agri-business in collaboration with several private and public entities has developed a global initiative identifying opportunities for funding of Agri-business projects. Our focus and emphasis is on Agro-Science projects where there is potential for development programs that serve to establish and solve pressing crop production issues, increasing crop productivity through higher yields and managing crop resources through progressive research and pest management controls.

During 2013, 88 Capital & Investments identified a proprietary bio-technology opportunity which utilizes plant molecular bio-science and has proven to enhance production in plants utilizing Bio Directed Epigenetics which is the directed application of stress to induce specific natural genetic responses within the entire genome. This science has the potential to increase crop production exponentially and has global crop applications and the potential to assist in solving the looming stress on the global food chain.